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Sound Salmon Solutions Connecting you with our watersheds FOR THEIR FUTURE


Sound Salmon Solutions

Connecting you with our watersheds FOR THEIR FUTURE

Presented by Rodney Pond

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Salmon have connected the mountains to the sea since glaciers retreated, carving out the watersheds where they are born, spawn, and die. They have sustained the Coast Salish Tribes for tens of thousands of years with their bodies and spirits. They have brought nourishment, inspiration, and livelihoods to all the peoples of the Salish Sea.

Salmon sustain and define our region. Can you imagine the Pacific Northwest without salmon

Yet, over the past 150+ years salmon have been on the decline. The watersheds they depend upon for spawning and rearing have become less wild, less welcoming to their needs. Some watersheds have lost 90% of their historic salmon runs and may lose them entirely.

In 1990 the Washington State Legislature chartered nonprofit organizations called Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEGs) to promote, support, and realize salmon recovery programs and projects in our watersheds. Sound Salmon Solutions (originally known as the Stilly Snohomish Fisheries Enhancement Task Force), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is one of 14 RFEGs in the state. For 26 years we have supported salmon recovery in the Stillaguamish, Snohomish, and South Island County watersheds by connecting people to their watersheds through interactive education, hands-on stewardship and state-of-the-art habitat restoration.

We strive to live out our core values through our work. We believe in creating and sustaining a community devoted to salmon recovery through collaboration, engagement, education, and celebration. We believe people make lifelong connections to their watersheds through joyful meaningful work for a common cause. We believe everyone can connect and contribute to salmon recovery in their own way no matter their age, skills, interests, background, and ability.

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